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The loyalty the best POS system includes a rewards system that keeps customers returning to earn points, birthday rewards. Or sign-up bonuses—it’s customizable, so it’s up to you ways to line it up. You’ll also get physical or digital gift cards for your guests to get to use at your restaurant. If you select Toast POS as your go-to POS for your bar or restaurant. You’ll be locked into its payment processing system. 

Meaning you won’t be ready to integrate your current merchant services provider or go searching for better rates. Also, if you’re within the iOS-preferred camp, you’ll be out of luck with Toast POS. Because it only works with Android devices. The Toast POS reviews from users are mostly positive, with people remarking the convenience of use. Friendly customer support, and every one the restaurant-specific reports and features. The payment processing from the best POS system is usually seen as an honest thing.

Best POS for Ecommerce & Multichannel Retailers

But there are some of the best POS system reviews from disgruntled users who claim their rate is above. What that they had paid with their previous merchant services provider. Shopify is an e-commerce platform that comes with a free POS software for selling products. At events or during a brick-and-mortar store. Shopify also has features to sell on social media and third-party marketplaces. All sales, inventory, and customer data are stored in one place, making Shopify the simplest POS for multichannel sellers. 

Counting on which plan you would like, Shopify is awfully affordable or expensive. The POS system offers four different plans that range from $9 to $299 per month. The lower the worth, the more limiting the features are. You don’t need to use the integrated payment processor. But you’ll pay an additional fee if you select your own merchant services provider. If you select the best POS system, you’ll pay lower rates with more advanced Shopify plans.

Shopify Inventory Management

All of Shopify’s best POS system plans accompany inventory management. So you’ll add products, include variants (such as size, color, and material), and add SKUs, prices, and more information. Shopify isn’t quite as advanced as a listing tool as Lightspeed Retail. But it comes close to product management, at least. one of the simplest features of Shopify is that it doesn’t treat eCommerce as an add-on feature, so you’ll use Shopify and a card reader to sell in your online store, on social media, or face to face at a little retail shop or at events.

Plus, all of your data is updated in real-time, within the cloud, and across all of your sales channels, so once you sell out of an item, it’s not available from your best POS system or online store until you replenish. To urge access to advanced reports, you’ll need to subscribe one among the 2 highest plans, either Shopify or Advanced Shopify.