//Using PPC Advertising for Small Business

Using PPC Advertising for Small Business

Keyword match types control which searches or terms initiate PPC advertising your ad. This concept relates to precision. For instance, you can use broad match to show your ad to a wide audience, phrase match to ensure that your ad is part of a searched expression or exact match for the most rigid possible precision. Negative match lets you pick keywords and expressions that you don’t want to align with (for instance, your competitor’s branded keywords).Match types are most relevant to search engine marketing but frequently apply to other text-based marketing channels. Choosing the right ad network is an important strategic PPC advertising decision. You should base your decision on the following criteria. How will this ad network help you reach the right audience with the right advertising message at the right time? Do you care more about demographic targeting, interest-based targeting, or both?

User Experience Alignment

How well does the ad network align with certain user experiences? Search advertising through Google AdWords and PPC advertising Bing can help you reach consumers based on keywords they’re researching online. Facebook advertising allows marketers to show display ads that drive awareness about new businesses, services, or products. LinkedIn advertising allows marketers to target professionals (by interest or job title) when they’re browsing through feeds, job listings, or groups.Are the ad formats likely to inspire user engagement and align with your brand’s needs? Unattractive ads will generate a negative user experience, costing you time and money. Don’t jump into an ad network because you feel like “everyone’s doing it.” Choose ad products and features that create the best user experience possible. The Internet is filled with dark corners of shady people who are manipulating web traffic. Low PPC advertising s are frequently too good to be true, coming from click farms, spambots, and shady user experiences.

Ad Network Reputation

Make sure that you’re reaching PPC advertising real people and delighting them with positive user experience. ‘Cheap web traffic’ is usually too good to be true. Make sure that you’re always working with a reputable web traffic partner with publicly accessible testimonials and reviews.  A common mistake that marketers make is working within-session ROI data. This is the wrong approach. You need to look at your customers’ lifetime values in tandem with what you’re earning in the short run.These metrics will give you significantly more flexibility with your marketing spend. Let’s say that you learn that a customer is worth $1,000 in the first year and $5,000 over the course of three years. You can hypothetically spend up to $4,999 on marketing in the short run. Granted, you wouldn’t want to spend PPC advertising that much money to acquire a customer. You should focus on establishing a happy medium, in between the maximum and minimum.