Determined to Make a Difference

As a result of his personal experience with cancer, Coach Jerry Kill and his wife, Rebecca, worked to establish a fund that would financially assist families and individuals coping with cancer. Working with the SIH Foundation- the charitable arm of Southern Illinois Healthcare, the Coach Kill Fund was created.

The Coach Kill Fund has a mission of improving the quality of life for individuals and families facing a financial burden resulting from the medical treatment of cancer. Through this fund we are striving to lessen the financial burden on families who are dealing with this serious illness. The fund is in a position to assist cancer patients demonstrating a financial need through an application process. A review committee is in place and works diligently to review applications and assist those individuals meeting the guidelines the Fund has established. We look at each applicant and work to help them in the best manner possible within the mission of the Fund.



Jerry’s Story

Jerry Kill, Head Football Coach at University of Minnesota has experienced significant health challenges. After suffering a seizure during a football game in the fall of 2005, tests to find a cause for the seizures revealed a cancerous tumor on his kidney. Coach Kill later underwent surgery which involved removal of a portion of one of his kidneys. Through his ordeal, he realized the many resources that are needed during a person’s treatment and recovery.

In Jerry’s Words

“Although it might sound strange, this may be one of the best things that has happened to me. Through this disease I have met many people who are going through the same process that I am, but do not have the resources I am blessed with. I think the hardest moments in dealing with this disease are when I see children and others who may not have the opportunity to see another day. I have seen what those less fortunate have faced, and I would like to give something back.”

– Jerry Kill